Downtown Cleveland is Thriving

Downtown Cleveland is constantly changing. Like other cities it seems to be a living breathing organism in and of it’s self. For decades Cleveland was seen as a place most people either worked or played in but seldom lived. That is rapidly changing. Downtown Cleveland has become a place to live, work, and play.


Cuyahoga-River-Sunset-IMG_0014 Down Town Cleveland

Downtown Cleveland on the Cuyahoga River at sunset is the only time the river burns now.

down town cleveland chandelier

GE Chandelier hangs over Euclid Ave. An estimated $5.5 Billion of public and private investment is underway.


The Cleveland nightlife seen is also experience a renascence. 4th street has filled the void in the bar / restaurant scene as the once famous flats are under heavy a round of redevelopment.


Built in the 1920s playhouse square has gone through ups and downs. Currently Cleveland’s theater district is more popular than ever.



With the renewed interest to live downtown presented new challenges. Downtown Cleveland lacked a grocery store (not counting convenience stores). A local grocery store Heinen’s has moved into the Former Cleveland Trust Building.


Above is the Ceiling of the new Heinen’s Grocery Store that was once the Cleveland Trust Building.


These are just some of the many things currently happening in the Downtown Cleveland Area.
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